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Prevention of contrast nephropathy

  • Admission orders

    • Admit: Telemetry Floor
    • Diagnosis: Prevention of Contrast-induced Nephropathy
    • Condition: Stable
    • Vital Signs: q 4 hours with O2 sat
    • Allergies:
    • Nursing: Strict I/Os; daily weights including weight on admission
    • Diet:
    • Activity: As Tolerated
    • Labs: Chem qday (Cr should stabilize 48 hours post contrast)
    • IV:
      • Sodium bicarbonate 150 mEq/L at 3 mL/kg/h IV for 1 hour prior to contrast
      • Sodium bicarbonate 1 mL/kg/h IV during and 6 hours after contrast
    • Special:
    • Medications:
      • N-acetylcysteine 600 mg PO bid on the day prior to and day of contrast
      • Hold diuretics and NSAIDs around time of contrast
      • Hold HCTZ until discharge
      • Continue home meds
    • Call HO: decreasing O2 sat, HR > 110, SBP > 160

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