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Central Line Infection

  • Admission orders

    • Admit: Floor
    • Diagnosis: Central Line Infection
    • Condition: Serious
    • Vital Signs: q 2 hours x 2, then if stable, per routine
    • Allergies:
    • Nursing:
    • Daily weights, strict I/Os, until no evidence of sepsis 24-48 hours
    • dressing change to line per routine
    • Diet: Renal if dialysis, NPO if need OR removal of line (Portacaths)
    • Activity: as tolerated
    • Labs:
      • Blood cultures (one from line, one from peripheral site), before antibiotics, and qday until negative
      • CBC (initially with diff) qday
      • Chem
      • UA with culture
      • CXR
    • IV: Peripheral IV and Heplock
    • Special: line removal vs salvage, ID consult
    • Medications:
      • Vancomycin 1 g IV now
      • Tylenol 325-650 mg PO q 6 hours prn pain/fever
      • Continue home medications
    • Call HO: HR > 110, SBP < 100, RR>24, decreased UO
  • Discharge

    • if new line needs to be placed, wait until blood culture is negative for at least 48 hours
    • education: line care

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