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LUQ pain

  • Common ddx

    • gastritis, PUD, mono
  • Serious ddx

    • stomach cancer, splenic rupture
  • Labs

    • FOBT if suspect bleed
    • endoscopy if suspect GI bleed or malignancy
    • CXR if suspect pneumonia
    • monospot test if suspect mono
  • Other ddx

    • pneumonia, pancreatitis
  • ROS

    • pain quality (hunger-like, drilling), quantity, alleviation (food), aggravation, radiation
    • fever, weight loss, fatigue
    • sore throat
    • sick contacts
    • hematemesis, coffee-ground vomit, melena, blood in stool
    • trauma, violent sports
  • Px

    • vitals: fever, BP
    • pharyngitis
    • pulm: crackles
    • inspection: guarding, distention, bruising
    • palpation: tenderness, rebound, mass
    • splenomegaly

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