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  • Ddx and ROS

    • esophageal cancer (dysphagia)
    • candidiasis (oral plaques)
    • pancreatitis (nausea, vomiting)
    • PUD (alleviated by meals)
    • atypical MI (dyspnea)
    • AAA (pulsation)
    • gastrinoma/ZES (refractory to treatment)
  • Labs

    • clinical diagnosis, labs not needed. pH monitor if unsure.
    • get EGD if worried about cancer, Barrett's, or PUD
  • Tx

    • lifestyle and diet changes: avoid spicy, fatty foods. Avoid lying down after meals.
    • for rare sx: antacids
    • for mild to moderate sx: low dose H2 antagonist (ranitidine 75-150 mg bid)
    • for severe sx: PPI (omeprazole 20-40 mg qday)
    • surgery referal for funduplication if refractory to PPI

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